Thursday, October 3, 2019

Is Hmong Dancing Too Feminine?

To think one way about gender in the American culture as sexist and the very same way in the Hmong culture as acceptable is alarming.

Gender is socially constructed and should not be confined by the genes that make one male or female. One should not associate someone's gender identification on the socially constructed behaviors and roles generally associated with gender.

I've been told that Hmong male dancers should not make the same feminine moves as female dancers. They should incorporate more masculine dance moves to resemble how real men move. It is a turn off to see Hmong male dancers moving as gracefully as the female dancers.

Hmong dancing is too feminine.

What a sexist statement!

How are you upset when you are told to sit down and be quiet like a Hmong womxn but can turn around and tell a Hmong male dancer how to properly dance like their "gender"?

How are you exhausted from breaking barriers as a Hmong person and still look away at a dance group with Hmong male dancers because it's not what you prefer?

How can you say Hmong dancing is too feminine as if dancing is a female sport?

Does it make sense to tell our children that there are "girl" colors and "boy" colors? Of course, it doesn't. There are no such things as girl or boy colors. They simply are colors.

I believe that Hmong dancing is not too feminine. It looks that way because the Hmong community has built a glass ceiling for our Hmong male dancers to shine on the stage. How can they pursue this passion knowing that people will speak ill of them?

Do the future generation a favor and stop associating Hmong dancing as a "girl" sport.

Stop fighting for gender equality if you think Hmong male dancers should dance a certain way.
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