Wednesday, August 21, 2019

15 Things A Hmong Girl Want, But Won't Ask For

1. Tell her what specific things you like about her. Stop telling her you like everything about her. Go above and beyond and name the actions that you like the most about her. Show her that you pay attention to her.

2. Plan a day with her. Take her on a trip to do all the things that bring joy to both of you.

3. Introduce her to everyone close to you as your partner. Don't just have her stand there at family/friend events. Walk around with her at your side. Proudly tell everyone her name and that she's your girlfriend. "Have you met my girlfriend? This is _______."

4. Give her random hugs and kisses when you know something is wrong. We know actions speak louder than words. Understand her small habits so well that you notice when something is out of the ordinary. Don't ask her to tell you. Show her that you know and that you'll be there no matter what.

5. Apologize when you're wrong. Be the first to apologize after an argument. You'll find that she is waiting to see if you'll choose her over your pride. Choose love. Choose her.

6. Choose her over your hobbies. Stop fishing for a weekend, and spend time with her. Stop hunting for a weekend and surprise her by staying home. Show her that you can put her needs before yours if you've gone out too often.

7. Cook her favorite meal. Nothing says love more than a home-cooked meal made by her favorite person--you!

8. Wash the dishes. Yes. Tell her you'll do the dishes. You'll make her night because she loves a clean sink.

9. Say cheesy things to her. She may scrunch her nose at you. Give you the biggest smile. Slap your arm. Push you away. But she loves it. She loves having you repeat any cheesy love lines from her favorite chick flicks.

10. Look at her from across the room and smile. It's creepy. I know. It feels creepy, but she loves it. In a room of strangers and busy friends, she likes knowing that you're thinking about her the same way shes thinking about you.

11. Give her tight hugs. Make her feel that much closer to you.

12. Stay up late to talk about your hopes and dreams with her. Tell her that you see her in your future. This isn't a one time fling. You want to spend more time with her.

13. Stand up for her. Don't let others speak badly about your girl. Speak positively about her.

14. Take her on a road trip. Just you and her. Windows open. Wind blowing. Music thumping. The perfect scenic route to be present with one another.

15. Tell her she's beautiful. She won't be used to it. She won't like it. She'll think you're lying. Keep telling her anyways. She needs to hear it so she can shine like the star she is.
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